It’s a Wash!

It’s a Wash!

A few months ago I posted about my washer issue here and used to diagnose the problem and then ordered a new lid switch. All I had to do was provide my model number and chose from of a list of issues and viola!, I had a part on the way. (The advantage of is that you can return the part for a full refund if it turn out that it’s not what’s broken)


In the interim, a piece of wood (clothes pin) shoved into the lid switch slot was keeping my laundry humming along. And because of that, I simply put the part aside until I had time to review the online video for disassembling the washer and installing the new part. Which I never did …..


Ultimately, my wood-in-slot solution failed (since the part itself was failing) and once again I was staring into a placid tub of water full of clothing and no way to initiate a cycle that would drain it. I was forced to implement a repair.

I finally was compelled to sit down and review the online video for replacing the part was shocked to see how easy it was to get to the part in question. Frankly, I was concerned it was going to be an all day job with lots of little screws and parts removal. A real dirty under-the-car kind of approach.

In fact, I had to remove 2 screws and remove 2 clamps to remove the wash machine casing. Then I had to remove to more screws and 2 more clamps to remove the old part. The new part snapped into place, add screws, add clamps and I was done!!! Fifteen Minutes tops!


What really added time to the effort was finding and removing all the dirt and gooey grime from the machine casing that had been hiding from my cleaning cloth underneath the control module. Yuck!


It took a spackle knife to scrape it off in various areas and a little WD40 to clean up the nasty-no-see parts before reassembling the washer.


I took full advantage of the disassembly and cleaned everything I could reach and when the machine was back together and plugged in, it was like having a brand new machine. The best part, it worked. No more clothes pin in the lid switch slot and a super clean machine to boot!


And here’s a parting shot of the old part. This little fella put in a good days work for more years that I can even count (probably around 10).



When all was said and done:

30 minutes of repair and cleaning – $0

New Lid Switch Part – $39.55 (inc. $6.95 shipping)

Total – $39.55

That is less than the $70 service call that my home warranty requires per visit.

While replacing this part, I posted a picture of my disassembled machine on my Instagram account with a note that I was in the middle of a repair. It was suggested at least twice that I just give it up and replace the machine. It does seem like the easiest solution and who doesn’t want new toys?! However, I have a rather large vacation planned this summer for me and the kids and there is no room for both a new washer and an awesome vacation in my Single Mom Budget. I would rather have an awesome vaca for me and my kids to remember for years to come ….. plus it gives me bragging rights that I fixed it myself. Win-win!

Have you ever tackled something you thought would be complicated and was surprisingly easy? Feel free to post your brags in the comment section. I read all your comments.

~ Dona

Stay Calm and Thrive On!










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  2. I recently changed the dishwasher’s detergent dispenser because the dispenser would no longer stay closed. I watched the Repair Clinic video on how to replace the part, ordered the part from them, and what do you know, I was able to do it myself! I felt so empowered! Now instead of calling a repair company immediately, I know I can go right to to see if I can fix the problem myself.

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