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Tea Parties, Blue Bonnets and Baby Showers ….


Spring arrived early here in North Texas, following a very mild winter, and the world has come alive with color, fresh breezes, songs of birds and the drone of lawn maintenance equipment.  I begin to feel the siren call of my beloved camera(s) and oh, the adventures we have together; the beautiful moments we capture.

While my furniture building projects have taken a back seat to the draw of being outside, tiding up my gardens,  admiring the artistry of our creator and basking in the warmth of the beautiful sunshine, my camera and I have been at the beck and call of family and friends to document their Rites of Spring.

The First Pool Party of the Season, March 31st

Sweet 13th Birthday Party

What a great party it was…. and included our favorite middle-schooler,  DJFlashh and the Swag Team Vets (a local dance team that has been featured on MTV).  The place jammed for hours (or at least until 10pm when the city ordinance forces us to tamper down the fun) .  I would not have otherwise been allowed to attend(by my own 13 year old) had I not been asked to provide some candid photography of the event.  With a camera in hand, I am the cool mom, not the helicopter mom.  🙂

An Afternoon with the Blue Bonnets

Single Mom Raising Boys

I can’t imagine a more challenging job than to be a Single Mom raising boys.  Except trying to photograph said boys.  They don’t exactly enjoy preening for the camera.  They would rather be running and jumping and rolling around in the blue bonnets.

Tea Parties

and Baby Showers

My step-daughter’s baby shower was held at a cute little Tea Room in Waxahaxie that had a beautiful garden area in the back.  My 13 year old daughter is a wonderful model when Mom gets an itchy shutter button finger.   It helps that she’s beautiful and has been posing me for since she was barely a single-breath old.  The gardens were filled with lovely fountains, archways and brick walkways that would be simply lovely for a wedding or reception.   I even managed to get some wonderful shots of my step-daughter and her little family, including my grand daughter, Aria.

And so my son doesn’t feel left out of Mommy’s Post, here one of him being awarded his blue belt during his Tae Kwon Do ceremony.  You can see I have a lot to be proud of…. If only I got a picture of that mid-field kick to goal at his soccer game that morning.   Still marveling and bragging over that one.

I hope you have a huge monitor, because I loaded these pictures up full size so you can enjoy them larger-than-life, too.

Top 25 Single Mom Bloggers – 2 More Days for Voting


The circle of Moms website is looking for the Top 25 Single Mom bloggers and I’m on the list. If you enjoy my blog, please go to this website and vote for me. I’m #61 …. Not my ranking….. I was just added yesterday.

Only 2 days left before this poll closes and you can vote at least 1 time a day. Check out this event as you may find other Single Mom bloggers that you might enjoy following.

Click on the icon above or follow this link:

Circle of Mom Top 25

Thanks for those that vote for me or even just check out my page on occasion! I appreciate your support!


It’s Spring Break


and I will be at Six Flaggs all day today with the kids. This is an immense sacrifice on my part, as I detest spending long hours, standing on concrete, waiting in line for a 2 minute adventure. And since I can’t find anyone to take my kids to this “Rites of Spring”, I must sacrifice my comfort and enjoyment to make awesome memories for my kids.