Wall Herb Garden

Wall Herb Garden

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, I put together an Herb Garden for my little backyard space in the hopes of using fresh, organic herbs for my cooking (or just rub their little leaves so it will release their lovely fragrance).  Very Earth friendly.  Very Simple to make.



I started with a pallet that I found on the side of the road.

My friend Jessica cutting the pallet into sections

My friend Jessica cutting the pallet into sections

If you cannot find a pallet just laying around, I have been told that Home Depot will sell you one for $20.  I have also grabbed a few from a local tile retailer.  They leave them by the dumpster, so thankfully, I don’t have to actually dumpster dive for them.  (I highly recommend that a wood product you get from any questionable location sit outside your home/garage for a few days to ensure it doesn’t have any unwanted visitors and then brush it down really well before bringing into your work space.)


My original pallet has been cut down into pieces and the first section of it was used to help my dear friend, Jessica, build herself a cute little rustic wine rack.  Read that post here.

I cut a similar section for myself to make an equally cute wine rack, but as the weather began to warm, my mind started turning towards my outdoor spaces.  I found some inspiration here, here and here.

I started with a section of the pallet and just cleaned it up with sanding.  The best part of this is some of the warm wood starts to show through the grey aged surface and give it such a great look.


Next, I cut a 1 x 4 which I use to close in the bottom of the pallet section and complete the box.  I cut each one a bit short in width to allow room on each end of the bottom for drainage.


Once I aligned the boards inside the bottom, I used my brad nailer to pop some 1.5 in nails along the front and back to hold the boards in place.  (Love my cordless Ryobi AirStrike)


That’s it!  All done!!


Except…….. I decided to add some interest with some bold wording.  I bought some sticky back letters (sticky like Post-It Notes) and a construction grade Sharpie PRO Black pen (fade and water resistant) for about $3 total at the dollar store.


I placed the letters out and then traced around them with a fine point sharpie and then filled them in with the bold tip sharpie.



After I let the ink dry for about 20 minutes (to prevent smearing), I took my sander and did some “aging” of the lettering.


Viola!  So pretty! (ignore the chaos in the background)

To make it ready for planting, I used some landscaping fabric and a staple gun and lined the bottom of the box.  The staple gun was too big to staple fabric all the way around the inside, so I just settled for putting it on the bottom.  This will keep soil from draining out with the water.


I thought about putting the herb garden along the fence, but decided it had much more impact against the brick wall and I had the perfect location.


Masonary Drill Bit, Hex Screw and Plastic Anchor

I marked the location of my holes on both the pallet and the mortar.  Then I used a masonary drill bit and drilled two holes into the mortar.  Then I placed plastic anchors in the holes.  In this case, the plastic anchors will mold around the screw and expand into the mortar to keep the screws from falling out.  Next I drilled holes in the back of the pallet and then started hex screws and aligned them with anchor-filled holes in the mortar and attached them to the wall.


Then I added the few plants that I had (Sweet Basil, Rosemary, and Lemon Balm) and just love-love-love the way it looks.




In fact, one of my next projects will be to use another piece of this pallet and make one for succulent plants.  Plus I have to build some raised boxes for my tomato plants that I am growing from seeds.  I hope to have a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes this summer.

Though I am drawn outside with the arrival of spring, I am still working inside to complete the baseboards in the front hallway makeover and another project I’ve been working on in my daughter’s room.

Lots to share.  Hope you are enjoying Earth Day/Week and doing your part to celebrate this great big ball in the sky that we share.


~ Dona

Stay Calm and Thrive On!







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  3. This is so so cute! I love it…and I am totally jealous of your airstrike nailer (trying not to covet) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I am happy to know I inspired you…You are inspiring me too! Hugs!

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