And Now The Rest of the Floor-y

And Now The Rest of the Floor-y

As spring was winding up and summer looming, I took an unintended break from blogging to finish up the many projects I tend to juggle.  Plus, I broke my expensive camera moving that Wall Herb Garden off the work bench ….. ugh!  (The garden still looks fabulous, by the way)

I have a tendency to walk away from projects that just aren’t going my way and take a break from it.   A small break.  No….  really, just a small one.    Sometimes, I just need to clear my head and come back in a few weeks with a fresh perspective on how to tackle something that was just kicking my arse.

In the interim, I will get inspired and start another project.  I freely admit I’m a bit ADD.  I realized yesterday that I can’t even paint small sections at a time, like on a door…. I’m all over the place with that paint brush….. Look!  A squirrel……

Isn’t he cute?  Now what was I talking about?

I believe I left off on my floor story (floor-y) many many months ago with the completion of the front hall.


I also shared my plans to expand the floor seamlessly throughout most of the common areas and into my bedroom.

Floor PlanMy best guess was about 1200 sq feet (that includes a 10% material overage to account for waste).

The basics for installing this laminate flooring I discussed in this post along with my reasons for choosing laminate.

Next up, the Family Room.

Since I had large furniture in this room and no where to relocate it, I just pushed the furniture to one side and started pulling up carpet, baseboards and carpet tacks.

Photo Stream 055

I learned the hard way that I can’t just insert planks willy-nilly into an existing floor,


The extending planks that were hidden by the carpet in the Hall Makeover Pictures.

so I had to pull the hallway back up and start it all over.

Photo Stream 056

But it was easy-peasy to finish it this way with long runs from the front door to the back windows.

Photo Stream 057

Photo Stream 058

Once this section was complete, then I moved all the furniture  onto the new flooring.  Now I did this with a bit of trepidation….. was this floor really that tough?!  Well, yes, it was.  I slid that sofa over without a single mark on the new flooring.  (Gotta know now, rather than later).

I finished the hallway and half the family room in a single afternoon.  I just used my daughter’s old volleyball knee pads to allow me to basically knee-walk around all afternoon.  Much better padding than regular knee pads.

Photo Stream 061

Romeo is checking out the work-in-progress.

Photo Stream 062

The next day, I finished the other half of the Family Room.  Long plank runs make it go fast.

Photo Stream 063I used a template to cut the curve around the fireplace.

Photo Stream 064

My dogs like to make random cameo’s into the pictures.  I’m pretty sure they don’t know what to make of the “lack of traction” that has replaced their beloved and well-soiled carpet.

Voila!  The Living Room is done!

Photo Stream 073

Photo Stream 068

Photo Stream 067

You can see my bedroom doorway with the carpet still intact.  Well, that is about to change.  The next weekend,  I attacked my bedroom.

I had to dismantle the bed since it was difficult to actually have it only on one side of the room.   The rest of the furniture was easy to just push to one side.

Photo Stream 076

Photo Stream 078

Photo Stream 079

Photo Stream 080

I have a tendency to start my project late on a Saturday afternoon (after I get my errands done) and then I wander around in circles planning and visualizing and then when I realize half the day is almost over, THEN I get to work.

I finished the first half on Saturday evening and then finished the rest the next day.

And then it occurred to me that I would need to reinstall baseboards before I put the bed together.  So I went out and bought me some baseboards and a GREAT NEW TOY!

Photo Stream 081

I got me a Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer.  I could not stand the idea of having my air compressor in the house making tons of scary noises and having the dogs barking at it non-stop…… at least that is how I justified that bad-boy-toy!

I gotta say, I have problems with spacial associations and mitering corners was a mental challenge, but I managed to get my room fitted with some sexy new baseboards.

Photo Stream 083

Photo Stream 084

I made a few mistakes….. nothing that some big glops of caulk can’t hide.  Or a big King Sized Bed.

So, here at last……..  my bedroom (along with my dog, Romeo, for scale)

Photo Stream 087

Photo Stream 094

Photo Stream 085

What a beautiful sight.  I love how amazing the rooms look with this flooring.

Now, I still have one more area to do…… the bedroom hallway to the kids rooms.  And I did get it done, but I think I will save those pictures for my next post since I have to go dig them up from the abyss they fell into when I changed computers.

Now you may ask if I did this all by myself….. Yes, I did, thank you.  My kids tried to assist me, but they have a tendency to jump in without waiting for any instructions, never look at where I am pointing and don’t seem to understand that when I say “hand me the thingamabob”, that I am really referring to the hammer, or it could mean the measuring tape, or, then again,  it could mean my phone…..  Anyway, no one wants to do projects with their bossy mom.

Stay tuned for more projects that I may have or have not completely finished……

Stay Calm and Thrive On….





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  1. Wow, I am very impressed that you did this all by yourself. My house really needs new floors and I’m afraid I’m going to have to do them myself. Just wondering, have you changed out flooring in a kitchen?

    • No, not in a Kitchen, but I have ripped up tile which turned out to be a bit more work than I had anticipated. The tile mortar was difficult to remove to a point of having a smooth surface for wood flooring. I ended up putting down a leveling compound, but a better option would have been to rent a Grinder with a Coating Removal Pad to grind away the left over thin set, which turned out to be not-so-thin. Good luck with your flooring project. You will love the way it looks.

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