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Easy Bathroom Update

Easy Bathroom Update

I was reading one of my many favorite blogs “Take the Side Street” and she confessed to being a terrible blogger (as in sporadic postings) and also confessed to always being cold.  I could have written those very same confessions, writing this with a space heater on under my desk.   With 2 teenage kids, 4 dogs, positions on the Middle School PTA Board and High School Cross Country Booster Club, along with a full-time job and a ton of DIY ideas, sometimes its a choice of just living my life and doing my projects or writing about it.  Most of the time, I can’t do both.

However, this weekend, I wrote up a big “To Do” list of all the projects that I have pending (meaning I have bought the supplies, just haven’t done the work) and I decided to start tackling them.  I even went as far as to estimate the amount of time I thought it would take to do the project so I could keep my expectations real.

Top of the list was adding storage to my bathroom. Read the rest of this entry