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Fun with Fabric and Fonts


Funny how time can get away from a blogger….. Spring has increased this family’s social and recreational obligations.  We have soccer, volleyball, birthday parties, baby shower, school field trips and even a pool party (yes, an outdoor pool party in April in Texas) ……

I did manage to get a little project done on my Home Office Makeover, which is my effort to make my Home Office more warm and inviting, even a bit feminine.  The promise of Spring was my inspiration.

It doesn’t come naturally to me to design and decorate, so this makeover won’t be a “30 minutes and it’s done” makeover like on the HGTV channel.  So, I actually started this little project and then got stuck, as it didn’t have the punch that I wanted it to have.  Sometimes, I just to have to let thing percolate and then inspiration will hit me.

It started with this…..

Before Binders

Ugly binders that I have been collecting from various sources (old jobs, old school supplies)  that contain all my paperwork.

With all the decorative touches I have added to the Home Office, these were still quite an eye-sore.

First, I went browsing to see if I could replace these binders with something more uniform, like a set of the same color binders, or at the very least,  some of those beautifully decorative binders.  As I wasn’t prepared to spend upwards to $30 to replace my existing collection,  I had to come up with ideas to make the ones I have look better.  So, I went back to the percolator (my left brain).

I really liked the idea of having binders with a decorative patterns, so I turned to my stash of fabric.

and I got out the pinking sheers and the spray glue and I came up with this.

Which I thought was pretty dang cool, except that I didn’t know which binder was which.

I considered adding the Dymo label to the pretty fabric, but it would just take something pretty and make it look “industrial” again.  So, I put my pretty binders on a shelf and went back to the percolator.

A few weeks passed and it was driving me crazy that I didn’t know what was in my binders!!!!  I tried the Dymo Label Maker again.    Still hated it!

And then an idea bloomed.  I could make pretty labels, with an beautiful font using my very own printer.   Using MS Word and the WordArt functionality, I was able to create a vertical Title with the Candy Round BTN Font.

And with some scrapbook paper to add dimension, I came up with this …..

On a few of them I used fabric and on some I used pretty scrapbooking paper.  Still a work in progress to harmonize all the items on my office shelves, but I really liked the way they turned out.

As for the horrible blue binder….

I gave it a couple of coats of “Ivory Silk” spray paint

And where the front and back film was separating from the side, I used a bit of trim and hot glue to hold it all together ….

and it’s ready to be back on the shelf with it’s pretty sisters.



Spray Adhesive


Hot Glue Gun

Scrapbooking Paper



$0 – used what I already had

Home Office Makeover Update:

I have a plan for this little corner of my home office.

I plan on returning this hunk-of-wall-damaging-swivel easy chair to the Living Room, where it belongs.  I am currently building two slipper chairs that will fill this space with a nice little drum light hanging from the ceiling.  It’s going to be a great place for my daughter to sit and chat with me while I work and get a start on her homework, like she does now, but without swiveling into the wall with the big easy chair.  It will also have better lighting.  So, stay tuned for my first attempt at upholstering.