Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014

Just taking a few days off from blogging, working and DIY-ing to enjoy a few days just living. Spring is teasing us Texans with some delightfully warm days and then a sudden cold and windy day. Such are the Ides of March.

I have a few projects completed to share and a few in the works, but I wanted to stop and smell (plant) the roses (petunias). Home Depot had a great deal on pint size plants for 78 cents so I snagged a few. For less than $8 I got Petunias, sweet smelling Alyssum and something else that is purple and white and I can’t remember the name. I pulled out my window box planters and filled them with dirt and flowers and put them outside my bedroom window.


So pretty.

Now I get a beautiful reminder of spring every time I look towards my bedroom window.


I’ll be back with more of my Hallway Makeover in my next post. Till then, remember to break for Spring!!

~ Dona

Stay Calm and Thrive On!!!

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