Craving Light

Craving Light

I love light. When I get up in the morning, I open the blinds all around the house and let the light in. In the living room, breakfast room, my office, and even my bedroom. I even frosted my bathroom window so I could keep my blinds open all the time. I gotta have light.

My Chihuahua, Romeo, is also a solar junkie. If there is a sunbeam to be found, he is baking in it.

Solar Romeo

Solar Romeo

So, when I realized that not a drop of natural light was in my new front hallway, I set out to do something about it. I will tell you that I looked at a dozen different ways that I could bring some natural light into this area.


These were some of my thoughts:

1) New 8ft door with glass inserts

2) Transom above the current door

3) Side lights around the door

4)8ft Storm Door

5) Cut a big hole in my existing door and put a window in it.

Let me tell you, they were all great ideas, but for 1) 8ft doors are not standard and 8ft doors with glass inserts are upwards of $1K or more since they are custom. So not in my Single Mom Budget. Ideas 2) and 3) were not feasible due to the narrow wall in which the door sits and no room around the door to put standard-sized glass windows, no matter how narrow. As for 4) again 8ft storm doors are all custom orders though not as expensive as a regular 8 ft door with glass inserts. Possibly around $600 or more depending on the model and the features.

You probably think number 5) is just a desperate joke ….. But no, Home Depot actually sells a service that will install glass inserts into your current door starting at around $600. But not available for 8ft doors. Ugh!!!!

This is an example of what I left behind in my previous home and both houses face the same direction and have similar narrow arch-shaped porch areas ….


to this:


Can you see my dilemma here?

Since I couldn’t figure an immediate and inexpensive solution to my need for natural light, I decided that improving on the electrical lighting would be a great first step.

Behold the builder-grade two bulb light fixture that graced my front hall.

Light Fixture

It’s really kinda pretty for an $8 light fixture, with its crystal bowl and brush nickle rim. Now, this 2 bulb wonder was established to light up a 50 or so square foot area, which might have worked had it had a lot of walls to bounce the light, but there were too many opening off the hallway and the light just faded. Now, imagine my having to use a flashlight to find something in my coat closet after sunset. The pattern inside the crystal bowl was throwing strange shadows on my walls, which would distorted the room a bit. It was woefully inefficient for my lighting needs and now that I’ve actually pondered the fixture…… I suddenly needed to have some style in that area.

So off I ran to Home Depot and found this sexy beast.


And installed it to add oodles of light to my front hall. Brilliant!!


It has a three-bulb capacity, allowing up to 100 watt bulbs, and since it sits lower, it focuses more light where’s its needed. The large frosted bowl diffuses the 300 wattages of light and spreads it more evenly around the room. While the finish is brushed nickle, it’s still shiny enough to bounce even more light around the area. Lots of soft light and I love the way its framed by the opened front door when guests are arriving.

I still haven’t given up on the idea of having some natural light in that area, but all good things must come in their own time.

And the front hall makeover continues.

~ Dona

Stay Calm and Thrive On!

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