Searching for the Perfect Match


It ALL started with this picture I found on Pinterest:

it was love at first site....

it was love at first site….

It was the perfect wall color…. it had a green/gray tone and was a cool neutral which is exactly what I was looking for. Even the tile in the picture was the same as my front hallway. The above picture originated on this website along with the color name……. Martha Stewart’s Coir:

I was so excited to find the name that I rushed to Lowe’s to get that color whipped up, Pronto! But then Lowe’s reminded me that they don’t carry Martha Stewart Paints anymore. However, they do keep a record of the formulas for the colors that they used to carry, so they looked it up for me. Yay! Let’s do this!

Nope, they can’t find Coir in their old repertoire, so they sent me over to Home Depot, who currently carries a Martha Stewart line of paints. I scurry across the parking lot (yes, they are less than a 1/2 mile apart) and ask them to find this elusive color in their database. Nada! Home-Depot-Martha clearly had never heard of Coir.

Now I am desperate to find this color. This is the color that will make my life perfect. It will make my home a show place. I have to have this color!!! I start looking at all the available paint chips and try to match them to the picture that I have… on my phone. I stop everyone shopping in the paint department to see if they can agree with me which colors closely match this color. I even went online and found the binary numbers for this color to see if HD could create it on their handy-dandy paint coloring computer. Still not sure why that didn’t work.

Finally, I just sat in my car looking on my teeny tiny phone screen looking for clues to how I can get this color for my walls. I’ve moved past “desperate need” to straight up “obsession”. And suddenly, the answer revealed itself in this post from The Yellow Cape Code buried in an older post.

Martha Stewart Coir

So, I rushed back into Home Depot showing the mixologists (I like to think of them as the bartenders of the DIY set) the formula for “my precious” paint color (Picture me stroking my phone, Gollum style) and set them to task.

Can you believe that this didn’t work either?!? Apparently, Home Depot had changed to low-VOC pigment and the formula was no longer valid with their current set up.

An actor portraying my frustration …. otherwise, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I had spent the better part of my Saturday running back and forth between Lowe’s, Home Depot and the internet trying to get my hands on this paint color and I was quickly moving to a level above obsessive. Demonic, maybe?

I went home only slightly defeated, feeling that a bigger computer screen will help in the search for my Holy Grail.

Back on the computer, I did discover two things.

1) This paint color is from the Martha Stewart Every Day Colors Collection which was carried by KMart in the early 90s. Seriously?! Am I “jonesing” over some vintage 90s tint which could actually make my home look antiquated and out of date?!?!

2) I found a website, My Perfect Color, that had the exact formula. They can mix up a 16oz sample size or a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s paints, stains. laquer and even caulk in the color of your choice. It was $15 for a 160z sample and $15 for shipping. $30 for 16oz of paint?!

Oh yeah! Totally worth it!!!

You really should check out their website for matching up colors to the names you find on the internet.

Trying to find the perfect color .....

Trying to find the perfect color …..

When this little jar showed up in the mail, I slapped some on my wall to confirm my choice (along with my other attempts to find the right color… the brownish purple was a bit off, don’t cha think?) and then ran to Home Depot to have a couple gallons mixed up from my sample.

My Perfect Color

My Perfect Color

The treasure has been found. My Precious at last.


Stay Calm and Thrive! ~

UPDATE:  Here is the revised Low VOC formula provided by HD.


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  1. This is so hilarious! This is literally my exact story which has led me to your blog! I fell in love with the color after seeing it on The Little Yellow Cape Cod site. I spent a good majority of time yesterday between Home Depot and Lowe’s chasing down the elusive Martha Stewart Coir color to no avail. I got a sample of the Martha Stewart “Heath” but I’m not loving it, so I took to the trusty internet for help. How did the special mix of Coir turn out for you? Would you mind sharing the mix information from Home Depot? Thank you for posting this!

    • I am adding a picture of the formula on my blog. I though I accidentally threw it away, but recently found it and so check my blog “Searching for the Perfect Match” for an updated photo.

      • Awesome! Thanks so much! Also, loving your blog! I’m surprised by how much we have in common. I am also a single mom, my youngest is almost 14 and my oldest two are grown (23 and 22) and I am also a project manager. It’s awesome seeing another single mom successful and thriving!

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