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  1. If people only knew how unsure and afraid of life you when were young, they would be amazed at the tremendous changes in you since you became a single Mom!! GO DONA!!

    One topic I believe is important whether you are married or single… but much more critical when you are single with kids is a WILL!! Encouraging SIngle parents to make and keep updated, their will is critically important for their kids!!

    Instructions on making and Keeping up to date a 3 ring notebook file, like you keep of ALL your important information…. is another very important aspect of organization that everyone should have. I followed your advice and it is a binder file we take with us when we travel.. EVERYTHING is in ours, just as you have yours…

    One of your rules should be, if it helped you.. then it is usefull to others…

    Stay with it, YOU ROCK!!!

    • Dona, to give you a laugh, I stumbled onto your blog when I Google’d (Images Taper table legs for true value hardware) In reading your post on adventures in table making ( which was was awesome by the way. great job!) then your finding your groove, I did connect with your story, I too was once a single parent stumbling through life trying too make a new normal for Me and My Daughter 4 years old at the time. well lets fast forward 18 years We survived. now I struggle with empty nest syndrome I am remarried to a wonderful Man, My Daughter is 22 and Just Moved into Her first Apt. spreading her wings I’m very proud of her. But o’so lonely with out her. So with all that said I too am trying to find my groove.To answer your question (what does your blog have to offer?) with a single post you’ve got me motivated to start finding MY GROOVE. thanks and just keep writing you never know how someone my stumble onto your words. Thanks, Tammy

      • Thank you for taking the time to read and share your story. It does my heart good to know that something I have done has inspired someone else. You totally made my day!!!

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