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Adventures in Table Making – Wrap Up


As promised in Monday’s post here, I wanted to wrap up all the choices, costs, timeline and references in making this table into a single post.


Table Plans:  www.ana-white.com   Narrow Farmhouse Table

Table Top Idea:  www.deuxmaison.com (I love the rustic finish on the base here, as well)

Tapered Leg Jig

Materials & Costs:

I purchased Select Pine boards for this project.

Table Top:

8 – 1x3x6  –  $5.35 ea =  $43


2 –  1x3x6 – $5.35 ea =  $11

1 – 1x4x10 – $11

2 – 1x4x6 – $6.43 = $13

Scrap 2×2 (13¾”)

2 Cans White Primer =  $8

2 Cans Satin Ivory Silk = $8

2 Cans Matte Clear = $8

2 cans Wood Stain = $8

Total: $110


Table Top:

66″ Long  20″ Deep

(Remember to not cut 1x3s to length until after the boards have been glued and sanded)


Legs:  29¼”

Side Aprons: 58″

End Aprons: 13¾”

Maybe someday I will know enough about SketchUp to draw some awesome plans.


Table Top:

Golden Pecan Stain

Cherry Stain


Ivory Silk Satin


1.  I like to sand all the pieces before I assemble the final product.  That way there are no awkward angles or corners to sand into and the only sanding after assembly will be to smooth out any added wood putty.

2. Clamp together similar pieces and sand together to keep pieces uniform.

3. Test out stain and paint colors on test boards, including a poly coat.

4. Use a hair dryer on a cool setting to eliminate bubbles in your brushed-on poly coat.


I completed the table top and the base as two separate projects over two weekends.

The table top took about 2.0 hours to assemble and sand allowing for a day to let the glue set and sanding a short time each evening.

The base took about 2.0 hours to assemble and sand.

Each coat of Poly was allowed to dry for 24 hours with a very light sanding between each coat.

I hope you enjoyed following this project and learned something new, like I did.  Good luck on your next project