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A Bird In Hand….


Yesterday, there was a spoiler alert in this post here. It was the next step in my Home Office Makeover…. the shelves. My original plan was to build some shelves for over the printer, but I decided to upcycle some Pottery Barn shelves that I had lying around. I also had some ledger shelves in a drawer that needed some love, so I threw them into the mix.


The hard part was deciding on the paint. The first coat of paint I put on them was bright glossy white. Don’t you just love glossy white shelves? After two coats, I decide the bright white was just going to introduce another color into the scheme (yes, white is a color) and compete with the brighter colors already on my mood board.

I love that I can change color in the middle of it all. So, I switched to the Ivory Satin that I was using on the Lost Sock project from yesterday.

And while I was at it, I painted some of the items that I purchased for this room. As you remember from a previous post, I do not like Gold Trim on anything, so bring on the paint….

Glossy Sunny Yellow

and this “Dream” needed to lighten up with some Glossy Sunny Yellow, too.

I love how dreamy the “Dream” is looking.

and wait, even more paint…..

This was an interesting shape, but the color didn’t work, so here come the Glossy Key Lime…… Yum!

Now “Dreamy” has some “Yummy” to go with it.

So let’s talk about the painting. Each items gets a minimum of two coats of primer to cover the old color and to allow the new paint to adhere better. Thin coats work best. The thin coats of paint won’t run and it dries fast so I can do multiple coats in a shorter time period.

Then the color coat is done the same, but I do 3-4 thin coats to get the coverage I want. I take my time and allow the paint to cure about 24 hours after finishing the last coat. This makes sure the paint surface won’t mar when you handle it.

Since the shelves were going to have items with weight sitting on them, I let them cure for about 48 hours before attempting to install them.


While waiting for paint to dry, which is as agonizing for me as watching paint dry, I had to make some decision about placement. I used Painters Tape to mark where I wanted to place each shelf.

These shots are from each side of the desk. I hadn’t planned on putting shelves on both sides, but once I stumbled across the massive abundance of shelves that I had stockpiled, it made sense for balance.

Let me say right now that I hate hanging shelves and this time was no picnic. I did manage to get all the screws into the wall. I used Hollow Wall Anchors for the larger shelves as I didn’t have the good fortune to find studs in the wall where I needed them. The ones I like have pointed tips so I just hammer them into the wall and then tighten the screw to expand the anchor, which provides a more secure grip against the wall.

I used a nice big level and marked a straight line onto the Painters Tape that I had put on the wall. Then I measure between the hardware pieces on the back of the shelf and make my markings directly onto the tape on the level line. Then I hammer in my anchors, tighten the screw to expand the anchor. Then I unscrew the screw a fraction of an inch so the shelf hardware can slide right onto the head of the screw. Sounds easy, right?!?!

So, without further frustration and with great pleasure, here are my Home Office Shelves.

At first glance, I am glad I chose a softer shelf color that blends into the wall. That allows my decorative items to showcase better.

Shall we take a closer look?

The Bumble Bee picture looks much better with a Yellow Frame and a sexy beast green ceramic bird to admire it.

A picture of my Dad surrounded by an awesome butterfly pot and a bird vase with some garden gloves tucked inside.

The Power of 3 (to signify me and my kids) and an old picture of me and my siblings from days gone by…..

My dreamy Dream has a little bird friend with a fun color bird portrait.

A picture of my Mom from her school days with a white ceramic bird to tell her secrets.

The blue bird of happiness depicted in art and in ceramic.

I hadn’t planned on a “bird” theme here, but when I found them 50% off at Michael’s, I couldn’t resist getting one in every color. One even landed on my hall table.

Here is another lookie-see at the finished effort.

Project Cost:

Shelves $0

Paint $12 (Primer, Ivory, Yellow)

Total Cost: $12

Total Time after painting: About 1 hour to hang shelves and arrange items.

I’m loving how my Home Office is coming along. What do you have planned this weekend? I plan on some much needed fun and maybe work on some projects that will help my desk look a bit tidier and incorporate some of the new colors I am working with. I might even be able to swing some wall art. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!