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My Personal Pinterest


I am a big fan of Pinterest.  I pin stuff all the time, like great building ideas, crafts, and yummy food pictures, plus stuff that I can only dream about.  Sometimes it is just visually pleasing to look at all the colors, photographs, beautiful people and wonderful art.  I can look and pin all day long.

With that said, I follow several blogs that have participated in a seasonal “Pinterest Challenge”, which by the way is not sponsored by Pinterest, that is a challenge to take something you have pinned and actually create it. Inspired by the spirit of these bloggers, I have completed my own Personal Pinterest challenge.

Enter the inspiration piece…..

I have a Sock Box in my laundry room.  The Sock Box is for all the matched socks that come out of the laundry and it is where the kids and I go for socks when we need them.  Strangely enough, I can wear the same-sized socks as my 13 year old daughter and my 10 year old son.  Even stranger, my son will wear my polka-dotted knee socks to school without qualm.

As for the unmatched socks that inevitably come out of the dryer…. well, they just lay in an untidy heap with the hope of a perfect match coming along.  Much like me.

When I saw the picture on Pinterest, I knew it was the solution to the Lonely Single Sock Club I had going on in the laundry room.

Searching through my scrap wood pile, I found a board that my dad had done a test routed edge on, testing out my new router.  It was perfect for My Lost Sock project!  So, while painting the shelves from my Home Office Makeover, I threw this piece in for a bit of color. (Spoiler alert below… you will see a preview of tomorrow’s post)

I really liked the rustic look of the piece done in the original pin, so I bought a brown pigment ink pad and rubbed the edges and corners to get the same rustic look in the picture.  Then I sprayed it all with 3 light coats of clear satin finish.

I printed out some lettering on my Silhouette Cameo on black vinyl.  Funny… by then I was working by memory and I chose almost the exact same lettering style as the original, though I wasn’t try to follow it to the letter. (ha ha pun!)

I grabbed a few clothes pins from the laundry room and painted them a glossy black.

Using a hot glue gun, I added the clothes pins to the sign.  The Clone Trooper was just there for observation.

The final step was to add hangers to the back of the board.

I would have loved to have taken a picture of this in my laundry room, but unfortunately, my laundry room

looks like this right now……

Yep, I have a slab leak in my laundry room and it is under demolition right now.  So, the final product is on display in my kitchen.

Which is okay, because I am enjoying looking at it.

Project Cost:

Brown Pigment Ink Pad $ 1.20 (on sale)

I had the following supplies already:


Clothes Pins


Spray Paint

Total Assembly Time after Painting:  20 Minutes

Is there something that you’ve Pinned on Pinterest that is calling out to you?  Challenge yourself and get it done.