Roses and Chains Revealed ….


I’m back with more Home Office decor-improvements.   Remember this picture from my Lateral File Repair?

Above the file is one of those sweet criss cross ribbon boards.  It’s covered with a taupe canvas cloth and criss crossed with satin ribbons.  So Pretty!

Now let’s punch it up with some color.

I know that I could make this board from scratch with a board, some ribbon, fabric and tacks, but since I already own one, I decided to decor-remodel it.

I’m adding some fresh fabric….

Roses and Chains

I carefully disassemble the board, removing the hanging hardware, the backing and finally the staples.

When removing the ribbon, I made sure I laid it out in the same design to ease in the reassembly process.

I ruined my staple remover on this project, so I ended up using a flat-head screw driver to finish the job.

After the removing all the hardware, fabric, ribbons and tacks, I was left with a foam covered board.

I use the original fabric as a template to cut a new cover for the board.

Then I wrapped the fabric around the board and before securing it to the board with tape, I marked the hardware holes to make it easier to reinstall the sawtooth hanging hardware.

Followed by taping the fabric down to the board.

I flipped the board over and laid the ribbon back into place and secured with the tacks.  Then flipped it back over and stapled the ribbon and fabric to the back edge of the board.

Next, gently hammer down the tacks.  Gently, because I have a tendency to hammer my fingers.  It’s a gift.

Finally, I glued the backing back on with a hot glue gun and it’s ready for service again.

Just as functional, but much more beautiful.

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Here is a side by side so you can see the impact of adding color here.

Total Cost

1/2 yard fabric – $3

Soon, there will be shelves on this wall and the criss cross board will be sitting just a bit lower down the wall.

If you can’t tell, I am focusing on improvements, one corner at a time.  Stay tuned for the next project to bring about this Home Office Makeover.

Do you like using fabric to bring a punch of color to a room?  Do you have a tendency to hammer your fingers?  Does the idea of Spring make you want to cover all your furniture in florals?  Leave me a comment below.



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