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My Dear SMT Blog Fans,

I have so many projects whirling around in my mind and I thought “here is the place to dream out loud”.  So, without further ado, much forethought, and only a smidge of planning….. these are the projects I want to get done these next few months.

My first project was to start a blog.  Check!  (ahhhhh….. it feels good to check something off the list)

My second project, which is due this week, is to complete my first Pine Car to race with the Cub Scouts this weekend.  Race?…With Cub Scouts? … Why, YES, don’t mind if I do!  I will save the fun details for how I ended up making my own car for this race in my “post race” blog.  But here is a sneak preview…..

My next project is to build a desk for my room, which I have ‘Mocked Up” here…

Desk Mock Up

Note:  The desk isn’t really going to be 8 ft wide, as indicated with these cedar planks that I had on-hand, but I do love the warm color.   Looks like my sweet she-dog, Ellie Mae, is keeping guard.

Then I want to add some shelves to my office which will go right here …..

A Shelf Is Needed Here

The design will be inspired by here and here.

My next big project will be to add a window seat/book cubbies  to my bedroom.   I have a large double window that would inspire hours of book reading, yard gazing, tea drinking, cat napping moments.  Below is one of my Pinterest inspirational pins.  I even love the color scheme.

Window Seat/Book Cubbie Idea

This is the SCARY project.  It’s kinda BIG and I haven’t thought it all the way through yet… so the unknown bits are what makes it just a bit intimidating at this stage.  I won’t start a project until I can visualize it from start to finish.   So, let the researching and “napkin” engineering begin!

So, to summarize:

Start Blog – Check

Pine Car – In progress

Bedroom Desk – Next

Window Seat/Book Cubbies – Dreamiing/Planning Stage

This should get me through till April/May, with all kinds of little projects and Mom/Kid adventures sprinkled in just to keep things interesting.

Thanks for letting me dream aloud.  What have you been dreaming about?



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  1. I LOVE your plans… The car is so cute… looks like a fun project.. I can’t wait to see how you engineer the desk area in the bedroom… AND the Window seat in the study??? (is that where you will build it?

    I will enjoy following your trials and tribulations on your BLOG!! Count me as an avid fan!!!

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