We have BLOG!


Work in Progress

I am addicted to the DIY Channel.

Which is what has motivated me to amass power tools and begin an endeavor in furniture building that will make my home more beautiful, functional and organized.  I would say those are my power words.  Beautiful!  Functional! Organized!

I have found that creating beautiful things from raw materials makes my home unique and is friendly to my budget.  On the plus side, I know exactly the quality of the materials and the workmanship.

I like to make beautiful things.  A provoking photograph.  A well-made desk.  A flower garden.  A welcoming place setting.  Two beautiful kids.

Functional and Organized are the key words to my Thrivability.  I need an organized life and functional space to feel on top of the world.   Am I good at both all the time…. not really.  But I strive to find the ultimate solution for each aspect of my life

So, as I develop this blog, I will share with you my hobbies,  my projects, my adventures in parenting, my “Thrive”.

I hope you enjoy the ride!



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